RaillyNews Magazine volume 1

Hello to the ‘Railway World’ from Turkey,

The railway world opened up to me in 1993. Since then I have been working in the field offering consultancy services. By gaining experience, I decided to establish Ozen Technical Consultancy. As part of this company, raillynews.com has become one of the favorite railway websites of Europe. In this context, now we decided to publish RaillyNews Magazine.

The national economy of Turkey has been growing and strengthening day by day. Since 2005 between Turkey and the European Union a new phase has begun along with the beginning of the EU membership negotiations. Currently, Turkey is the 6th largest economy in Europe. The railway market in Turkey is rapidly expanding with the support of the European Union & Islamic countries. The railway sector has been regarded as a priority sector and the investment amount in 2012 has reached the number of 2 billion EUR.

Turkey is a unique bridge between Europe and Asia and through RaillyNews Magazine we would like to be the voice of this sector. Our magazine aims to present the Turkish railway field to the World, especially to Europe. That’s why besides articles in English, we provide summaries in such languages German, French, Spanish and Russian. We think that this fact will make our magazine to be easily understood by the European public.

Our cover topic introduces ‘the Silkworm tram’, a tram which is manufactured by the Turkish company Durmazlar. Additionally to this, we inform about the embedded rail systems in desert, the new high speed train in Turkey and EurAsiaRail 2013 Report; as well as foreign projects like those from Russia, Moldova, Ethiopia and Italy.

We hope you enjoy this ‘international experience’ and you continue to follow us from our web page: www.raillynews.com.

See you in the next issue…

Levent Özen      

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